We have a strong legal vision.

We are more than just lawyers. We are counselors, strategists, and negotiators. Most importantly, we are advocates. As legal advocates, we strive to meet the needs of our clients through effective, aggressive, passionate, and honest representation. We believe in social justice and our legal services are dedicated to securing these ideals in our communities. We deal honestly and fairly with every client, opposing party, the courts, and one another. At all times and in all places, we adhere to the highest standards of integrity and ethics, both professionally and personally. Such vision is kept at the forefront of our minds as we work with our clients.




 We are dedicated to our clients.

We are deeply committed to serving our clients. At Bushell & Widdison, how we view our relationships with clients is what truly sets us apart as a law firm.  Our dedication to serving the client and fostering the client relationship underlines everything we do. We never forget that our clients entrust us with their confidence and reliance. Our clients are real people facing real-world challenges and opportunities who deserve, and are in need of, our time, attention, and respect. This single-minded focus on our clients as people is what allows us to build strong, trustworthy and lasting relationships with them.


We achieve success.

We take pride in our successful representation of our clients and we work tirelessly to obtain the best possible results under complex and difficult circumstances. The legal advocates of Bushell & Widdison strive to deliver cutting edge, strategic legal services to our clients to help them achieve their goals. This success is demonstrated through repeated and consistent referrals from our clients, opposing counsel, colleagues, judges, and community members. We rely on our successful results to maintain the positive relationships we have with our clients and those they refer to us for representation.

The Firm

Bushell & Widdison, PLLC was formed in 2013 by Logan Bushell and Jason Widdison. Logan and Jason were brought together in the practice of law through their shared commitment to social justice and the advancement of the public interest. With their similar philosophies and approaches to the practice of law, Logan and Jason combine to make a powerful team of legal advocates. 

The law offices of Bushell & Widdison are located in the heart of downtown Ogden. Just one block from historic 25th Street, one block from The Junction, and 1/4 mile from the Ogden Intermodal Center UTA transit station, Bushell & Widdison offers its services in a convenient location for its clients. Bushell & Widdison also serves clients in Weber, Davis, Box Elder, and Salt Lake Counties.  



Logan Richard Bushell

Attorney at Law and Founding Member 


Mr. Bushell graduated cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2013. While at Gonzaga, he served on the Executive Board of the Gonzaga University Law Review as the Managing Editor. Additionally, he served as Vice-President of the Hispanic Law Caucus. His article, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses”—Just as Long as They Fit the Heteronormative Ideal: U.S. Immigration Law’s Exclusionary & Inequitable Treatment of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Queer Migrants, was published in the Gonzaga Law Review in May, 2013.

Mr. Bushell worked as a law clerk for a private immigration and criminal defense law firm in Salt Lake City, Utah for two years. In this position, Mr. Bushell performed various client intake and interviews, researched legally relevant immigration and defense issues, and drafted various motions, pleadings, memorandums, and other legal documents.

Mr. Bushell received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in International Studies from the University of Utah in 2010. He is fluent in Spanish.

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Jason Rodrigo Widdison  

Attorney at Law and Founding Member


Jason was raised in a multicultural bilingual home. As the son of an immigrant, Jason has always felt a close affinity with the immigrant community and took interest in advancing the causes of underrepresented members of society. In time, Jason found the practice of law to afford a great opportunity to positively impact the lives of his fellow citizens and non-citizens.

Jason graduated cum laude from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2013. While enrolled at Gonzaga University, he served as the President of the Hispanic Law Caucus and as an Associate Editor on the Law Review. His article, Michigan v. Bryant: The Ghost of Roberts and the Return of Reliability, was published in the Gonzaga Law Review in 2011.

Before entering private practice Jason worked as a legal intern at the Spokane County Public Defenders and the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project in Washington. At these legal internships he gained valuable experience in the areas of criminal defense and immigration. While at the Northwest Immigrant Rights Project he directly represented clients in removal proceedings obtaining a grant of cancellation of removal for his first client.

Jason received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Brigham Young University, where he studied International Relations and Spanish Language. He is fluent in Spanish.

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