Everyday people are injured by the careless acts of others. A personal injury usually results in medical bills, missed work, pain and suffering. Often the injury can have long lasting effects such as loss of earning potential, chronic pain, and psychological trauma. You should not be the one to carry the burden of someone else’s careless actions. The legal advocates of Bushell & Widdison make sure that their clients and their families are protected and fairly compensated. It is our job to get you the money necessary to pay medical bills, recoup lost wages, and get you back to your feet.

Most of us pay for and carry many types of insurance because we know that accidents happen and that they can be disastrous. Insurance not only provides peace of mind but should make you whole when an accident does happen. Unfortunately, many insurance companies try to avoid paying the money you deserve when their insured injures another. The legal advocates of Bushell & Widdison hold such companies accountable and get the compensation their clients deserve. If you or someone you know has been in an accident do not wait! Call us today to schedule a FREE consultation.  


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